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Accord Media's VM DATA

Critical Data Storage, Backup and Recovery

Who Needs It?

  • Anyone who needs power, elegance, and efficiency in their data back-up solution.

  • Anyone who uses a computer as a data creation tool.

  • Anyone who currently backs up data of any kind. You already recognize the value of data protection, but having on-site backup is leaving YOUR DATA AT HIGH RISK. Fire, flood, theft, vandalism, power irregularities, there are many things that could destroy your original on-site backup.

  • Anyone who has system and program preferences and other complex configuration files. It could take weeks to reconfigure these if a hard drive fails.

  • Anyone who calculates the cost of time and money if irreplaceable data or information that would take days or weeks to reconstruct is lost.

  • Anyone who faces legal and financial risk if client or patient data, notes, billing and other information is irretrievably lost.

  • Anyone who travels and needs access to data on the main computer and wants to immediately and fully protect data created while away.

  • Anyone who purchases and needs to securely store the original installer and registration codes.

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