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Accord Media's VM Solution Hosting

Blending both UNIX and Microsoft technologies

VM Solution Hosting provides many powerful features.

VM Solution Hosting combines the functionality of "NT hosting" and "UNIX hosting" onto one platform. Our customers do not choose one or the other hosting platforms, instead they run their ASP/MS Access and PHP/MySQL based sites from the same server farm. With our seamless blending of UNIX and Microsoft technologies, VM Solution hosting system is truly "cross-platform".

Our packages are feature rich and offer great value for your money! Every Accord Media web hosting package offers POP3, IMAP and web-based email as a standard feature. The Website OS ( control panel ) offers the web site design wizard, site promotion wizard, File Restore, and many other features.You choose the features you want. Available are, SSL hosting, full CGI access, MySQL and MS Access databases, ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, SHTML, FTP access and Perl including all common modules. Free ecBuilder web creations tools, including a shopping cart. RealAudio and RealVideo streaming technology are also available.

Accord Media puts the administrative power in YOUR hands.

Our goal is to empower you with the ability to easily administer your own domain. Using WebsiteOS, you can administer all aspects of your hosting accounts.

  • Administer email accounts
  • Generate usage statistics
  • Set up a SSL certificate
  • Manage MySQL database
  • Promote website
  • Manage files on the server
  • Change passwords
  • Set up ad server
  • Add and remove FrontPage extensions
  • Analyze website structure and integrity
  • Create and manage an effective single page website
  • Check disk usage and bandwidth
  • Manage server logs
  • Secure sections of website
  • Configure and install common CGI scripts
  • Build e-commerce site using ecBuilder
  • Build e-commerce site using Miva Merchant
  • Check the status of the web server
  • Send feedback about WebsiteOS
  • Enable ASP and ColdFusion
  • Create a multiple page professional looking website
  • Forward domain and redirect email
  • Send announcements about sites

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