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Accord Media's VM DATA

Critical Data Storage, Backup and Recovery


  • Accord Media's Disaster Recovery service is an internet-based backup and recovery solution that combines the most advanced software available with the reliability of DELL™ and Extreme Networks™ hardware. This state-of-the-art combination provides optimum security, performance and continuity for organizations that need to backup, store and retrieve critical data.

  • As a Tier One provider of automated data backup systems, storage and recovery services, we recognize the critical importance of security. From state-of-the-art encryption algorithms (Blowfish), redundant firewalls and system architecture, to our Class A data facilities, every aspect of our service has been developed with your data’s security in mind.
  • Encryption

  • We keep the highest level of security for your DATA. All communications between your authorized personal site and theVM Data Network is encrypted. Once uploaded, your data remains fully compressed and encrypted while it is stored on our Network. Only after your data is restored to your authorized personal site is the encryption coding reversed.

  • Your secret password will be issued by Accord Media which will act as your first line of security, in combination with our FastBIT ™ Patching Process and Blowfish encryption. Each user can then add their personal secret key from the options menu, adding a second level of security. This secret key is set individually by your authorized personal which is kept from Accord Media. The encryption algorithms used by Accord Media each have different key lengths and structures, thus providing for different levels of backup security.

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